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 Most of our costumers love for their exterior to shine, and are not worried about the interior of their car. For the costumers who prefer to have the interior detailed also, we now have two interior package to choose from. We now offer our basic interior detail, and our white glove package! We got you covered inside and out!

All of our Interior Detail come with a wash 

                                        **** Please understand we can't get all the stain out, but you will know it was clean**** 

  • Steam Clean all Vinyl

  • Wipe down and treat interior with a water base dressings for protection

  • Carpets is brush to loose up dirty then vacuum up and vacuum trunk out

  • We shampoo carpets the to remove stain then extracted

  • Fabric seats are shampoo then extracted

  • leather seats are clean and conditioned

  • windows are clean

  • Air Duct Cleaning Treatment  

          Interior Detail :

     Interior Detail Price :

  • Compact cars & small pickups (2 seat) $100.00
  • Sedan & Small SUV... $165.00
  • Medium SUV and Pickups....$175.00
  • Large SUV and Mini Vans.... $185.00
  • Extra large Suburban,Excursion and Vans... $195.00

       White Glove Interior Detail 

Vehicle is thoroughly vacuumed, this service includes the interior and trunk area 

  • Cup holders,center console,dash,air vents and door panels deep clean with steam

  • Interior roof is clean

  • Vinyl and leather surfaces are protected with Gyeon Preserve

  • Leather is clean 

  • Carpets, mats and truck are deep clean with a hot water extracted

  • Seat belts are clean and sensitize

  • Leather is then protected with Gyeon Leather Shield 

  • All fabric floors and seats are protected  and treated with  Fabric Protection

  • Odor Eliminate Treatment

  • Air Duct Cleaning Treatment

  White Glove Interior Detail Price :

  • Compact cars & small pickups (2 seat) $225.00
  • Cars & small SUV... $285.00
  • Medium SUV and Pickups....$315.00
  • Large SUV, Mini Vans.... $335.00
  • Extra large Suburban,Excursion and Vans... $360.00
****Prices my be higher do to the condition of the your vehicle****


                      Mold Removal & Remediation Treatment


    We now offer mold cleaning service to clean your vehicle. our service come with one of our interior package.

let you know we just don't clean it we kill 99,99 % .Our mold cleaning service start to kill the bacteria in 30 seconds. our cleaning process take time we let the decontaminant go to work killing the mold. The produce we use kill 5 difference kind of mold bacteria.

     Before you get our mold. treatment  check to see why you having this problem. depending on how bad the mold is you might need to change your car air conditioning filter if your vehicle has one. 

    Mold is not something you should take likely. It is one of worst things that could inhabit your car. Mold is a bacteria  that grows due to moisture and warm temperature. It can be harmful to your health and cause  severe allergies even death. Remember it only take a few minutes for mold to start thrive in moist ares. 

 It can also discolor, stain, and compromise your fabrics, resulting in irreversible damage where the only solution is to completely replace damage interior of the vehicle.    

                    Depending how bad it is will determine what interior package is use....

1, We come through  and clean all trash out so we can start our treatme....

2. We treat and disinfectant the hold vehicle let it sat  untouch for 40 minutes to let produce work

3 We use mold disinfectant cleaner to clean the hold vehicle....

                               (we do one of our Interior Package procedure to clean)

4. Steam is use to help clean in our basic interior package too if needed,,,,,,

5. HVAC clean and treated

6. Ozone treatment

7. No oily / shiny residue left – will have a factory matte finish look when we are done


                                Our Mold Treatment Is $250 and up.. plus what

                                           Interior Package we use

                                    Mold Odor Treatment is $95 with

                                            HVAC & Ozone Treatment 


      Depending on the type of mold and how long its been sitting there, it may not be possible to fully remove discoloration or conditions which may have occurred due to mold/moisture damage

                                   (black mold stains, rust stains as a result of water damage, etc.)

             How do I avoid mold all together?

      The climate we have here in the North Carolina, it’s nearly impossible to avoid mold all together. One minute hot then its raining just the right climate mold need to grow in.

                         Do you guarantee your work? Do you offer a warranty?

       We are unable to warranty our work after it leaves our shop, especially if you have not fix the water leak prior. We do guarantee at pickup, that the mold has been sterilized, sanitized and killed to the highest standards possible. Every vehicle is different. However, if you are able to identify and fix your water leak, prior to your appointment after our work is complete mold shouldn’t return. As long as new moisture, organic matter or long term storage don't takes place.

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